The World of Maenza: Online is the Internet extension of the World of Maenza zine that appeared in The Clobberin' Times APA (Amateur Press Association) from September 1988 to January 2000.

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WOM: Online - Fiction

This section is where you'll be able to access the fiction posted as part of the issues of this online APA. The date represents the year in the WOM Timeline that the story takes place.

the Justice Gang


  • 1986 Annual: "Earth Under Siege"
    The last Destroyer returns and threatens to invade the Earth unless his enemies surrender themselves! Guest-starring: the Protectors! Plus, a bunch of other cameos!

(Also see the WOM Spotlight section below for solo tales of the team's members.)

the Protectors


  • Issue 1: "A Gathering of Heroes"
    Together for the first time, eight young heroes team-up to save the Earth! Do they have what it takes to work as a team to get the job done?
  • Issue 2: "Standoff Against Zandorok"
    In a far away dimension, the team of heroes faces a powerful evil sorcerer and his army of beasts!
  • Issue 3: "Shape Of Things To Come"
    Hydro Girl is challenged to battle! How will she fair on her own against someone out to kill her?
  • Issue 4: "Hate for the Eight"
    Spinning out of the events of "Last Star I See Tonight" (found in the WOM Spotlight section below), the heroes take on the Octagon!
  • Issue 5: "Entrapped by the Octagon"
    Who's got the drop on whom? Its a super-battle royale between seven heroes and seven villains!
  • Issue 6: "In A New Light"
    Rainbow is in for new changes, and Scott and Rita plan for their first date. But events conspire to bring all three together for the start of a new adventure!
  • Issue 7: "Revenge Against a Renegade"
    Larynx reveals the origin of his powers to his teammates, and the team sets about to avenge the death of Zepar, an Omni-Lord. But what more will be found on the ocean floor?
  • Issue 8: "Morning of Mourning"
    While Mystifier and Larynx tend to personal matters, the rest of the team is invited to the Justice Gang's satellite for a solemn event.
  • Issue 9: "Who's That Girl?"
    While using Mystifier's manor as a base of operations, the team has a run-in with a young woman who can hold her own against them!
  • Issue 10: "The Pinch of the Claw"
    Someone's causing trouble in the User's neighborhood, and he's not happy! What happens when he and Night Owl find out who?
  • Issue 11: "Comings and Goings"
    Time for some changes in the team, plus a new enemy is born!
  • Issue 12: "Trouble Starts With Titan"
    A day of relaxation turns into a battle when Titan the Ape-Man seeks revenge!
  • Issue 13: "Chaos, Lies and Role-Playing Games"
    A Saturday night game turns into an all-out battle against an unknown threat! Plus, Diana Kane has a bad run-in at the airport!
  • Issue 14: "The Rising M.I.S.T."
    A giant robot proves to be a challenge for the team! Plus, more on the fate of Diana Kane!
  • Issue 15: "Ambushed in Haygner Manor"
    The young heroes can't even rest in the confines of their own headquarters as a team of villains comes to call! And who is that fighting on the wrong side of the battle?
  • Issue 16: "the Protectors' First Noel"
    Get a brief glimpse into the personal lives of our heroes during the 1986 holiday season!

(Also see the WOM Spotlight section below for solo tales of the team's members.)


Rough Justice


WOM Spotlight



  • Star Light: "Last Star I See Tonight"
    The stellar heroine of the Justice Gang must fight against unbeatable odds! Will she survive?
  • Karate Master: "Introspection"
    The martial master ponders the change in direction his life has taken.
  • Mystifier: "Into The Dragons' Den"
    In this tale, find out what the Protector's resident sorcerer has been up to and why it is a mission he must complete!


  • Night Owl:: "Bird in a Gilded Cage"
    Spinning out of the events of "Enter: the Assassin" (Protectors issue 17 found above), Night Owl finds herself in an unexpected situation!
  • Space Lord and Robotman: "Cross-Roads"
    The stellar sentinel must try to prevent his armored ally from making an irreversible decision!



  • Tigerman II and Amazon: "Annual Renewal"
    Stephen accompanies Diana on a special retreat and finds enlightenment!